Loss-free loans: Region calls for agriculture and start-ups

All you need to know about non -repayable loans to residents in region . Let’s see what are the active calls for this 2019 with the characteristics of the facilities and the necessary requirements to be able to have access to credit if you operate in the agriculture sector or for innovative start-ups .

Non-repayable loans: calls from Region for agriculture

If you are willing to start your own business in the agricultural sector, the solution that can be ideal for you is that of funding for lost start-ups . Even in the case of already established farms, it may be useful to receive a soft loan, for example, to expand its business. For this reason the contributions of the regions are born, aimed at facilitating the economic development of Italy and lowering the unemployment rate. In this article we will deal with Region and non-repayable loans for those working in the agricultural sector. As is the case for all the regions, even in this case, in order to be able to access the subsidized loans, they are published from time to time on the web site of the calls to which they will be able to participate in order to receive the money they need. Obviously it is important to respect certain requirements , which, unlike the classic loans, will specifically concern the activity that you intend to start and the expenses you want to support with the desired money. For this reason it is good to read carefully all the features of the various calls to find out what is right for us.

There are several calls for tenders for this 2019 if you work in the agricultural sector. One of the most interesting is that which allows to receive a non -repayable loan for the promotion of agricultural products . This call for all producer organizations recognized by an EU Member State and the agro-food sector organizations concerned with promoting and supplying information on certain agricultural products. By participating in this call it is possible to receive a loan that will be up to even 85% of the total loss . So it would be a very unique opportunity, which would allow the beneficiaries to save a lot on their financing. This is the great advantage of European funding , which is not offered to obtain a profit from the classic loans offered by the banks. Let’s see what are the eligible expenses that are specified in this announcement, which will obviously have to be all aimed at information and product promotion . Therefore, costs for the website and everything related to the management of social networks are eligible. In the spending plan you can also enter the costs for promotion at points of sale, the organization of events, public relations and the use of various communication tools.

Another very interesting call for proposals is aimed at all the micro, small and medium-sized businesses that are always working in the agricultural sector. This is a great opportunity for all those interested in digitizing their business . Very simply it is a non-repayable loan for investments aimed, for example, to increase the speed of the internet connection, using broadband or fiber-based connectivity, or to develop an e-commerce service to expand its customers. Among the eligible expenses are also the training courses in the IT field for their employees. The call offers the opportunity to address these expenses to improve efficiency and modernize the organization of work, thanks to a grant fund of up to 50% , up to a maximum of 10,000 euros. Finally, a very interesting ban is that which aims to lower youth employment, and that is why it takes the name of Youth Guarantee . In this case the companies will receive a non-refundable contribution up to a maximum of 500 euros to cover expenses related to the insertion of young people into the world of work . Therefore, for the agricultural enterprises the training courses will be financed which can be of a professional type, for the executive skills with a low level of complexity, or specialization, which offers higher complexity competences that specifically specialize the boy in a given activity. .

Financing start-up with no recourse: characteristics and requirements

Financing start-up with no recourse: characteristics and requirements

The European stocks if exploited in the right way can really be the lifeline for Italy, as they represent a unique opportunity that is rare for all those who want to start their own business but do not have the necessary funds to do so. If you feel you have a good idea in your mind, then what you need to do is take a look at the non-repayable loans for start-ups , which are now more and more synonymous with youth activities and innovation. There is a call for proposals only for residents of region which allows them to receive a non-repayable loan that will be useful to face the expenses related to the start of an activity. It is good to specify how an activity means a micro, small or medium enterprise , but also an autonomous work activity, and therefore in the form of an individual company . To be able to present the application it is necessary that the applicant is first of age, and that he is resident . It is also important that both the registered office and the operational headquarters of the business to be developed are located in Region. Even micro, small and medium-sized enterprises or individual businesses that have already been established but have not been in existence for more than 2 years may have access to this tender.

To ensure that your request for non-repayable financing is accepted, it will be important for your business to be particularly innovative, which as we said is the primary objective of the call itself. A very interesting announcement aimed at the start up is then what takes the name of ” Smart & Start “. This will allow you to have access to an interest-free loan of up to 70% of the eligible expenses for setting up your start-up. The percentage reported above increases up to 80% if the company is made up entirely of young people up to age 35 or women. Eligible expenses include the purchase of plant and machinery and of both hardware and software components, therefore the purchase of licenses for programs and patents is also considered. In addition, they can be included in the spending plan that we will present the services for the management of employees and leasing fees. Overall, the cost must be between 100,000 and 1,500,000 euros .

Also for start-ups, a call for tenders is available for the allocation of European subsidized loans without the request for collateral. This is a particularly cost-effective solution compared to loans that can be requested from banks and financial institutions, considering the decidedly lower interest rate. The sum of money that can be requested will be a maximum of 25,000 euros for each beneficiary , so in the case of a partnership or association the total sum will be 25,000 for the number of members. Eligible expenditure is the purchase of goods (including raw materials), the payment of leasing fees and anything strictly related to the production of the good or service offered. Furthermore, as regards the management of employees , the remuneration of the employees themselves and the payment of training courses aimed at increasing the quality of their work team are eligible expenses. Also in this case the self-employed workers residing can access the subsidized financing, who can therefore receive funding to face the expenses related to their professional training . So if you are willing to start your business we have seen how the opportunities are certainly not lacking, so you just have to connect to the website of Region to see the complete list of calls and participate in what suits you.



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