Popular divisions of individual bank customers

Breakdown by wealth. Put simply, this distribution is based on income. There are three groups of individual bank clients :

Universal customers


This is a group of bank customers who earn little or their income is medium. They use standard and the most popular, including the cheapest products and financial services of the bank.

Wealthy customers

These are very well paid clients , and certainly more than clients constituting the most common group. Bank’s individual clients placed in the middle-income group use the whole range of products available on the market.

Wealthy customers

This group of individual clients earns more than average. Their income is large enough to require individual treatment and specialized products. Wealthy customers do not use widely available products, but special products prepared especially for them based on their individual needs.

Division according to Good Finance based on behavioral criteria

Undemanding individual customers

These are people who use standard landline and electronic services. They are young people, mostly students of schools and universities.

Individual demanding customers


These people include people with higher education and high earnings. They use products that above all bring profit. They are interested in specialized products and services at a very high level and of high quality.

Conservative individual clients


They are elderly people. Due to the fact that these are people not brought up in the age of the internet and such a rapidly changing world, they are interested in traditional products that they have known well for years. They are not interested in new products introduced to the banking market.

Modest individual customers


These are primarily uneducated people who, due to their low level of knowledge, have low requirements. They only use the simplest and most popular products, which they most often reach not out of their own will but out of necessity. An example would be, for example, setting up a bank account by a physical worker just because the employer does not provide for a different payment method than bank transfer. If not for that, a modest customer would not decide to open a bank account at all, because he does not use it on other levels.

Critical individual customers


This group of individual bank customers is built by young people who are not afraid to fight for their own and have expectations of the bank as well. They have the necessary knowledge, are able to search for information on their own, they are able to search for opportunities and compare available products. They use the promotion and choose the most advantageous, i.e. most often the cheapest services and products.